• Profile

    A one-stop for others to get to know you, about your info/interests, your organizational role, your skill-sets and updates made by you. See at a glance all your followers and followings.

    Automated Rankings

    Unique feature which helps users to find the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Highlights the subject experts while you are searching.
  • Search

    Knowledge discovery is now an easy task due to Satori search. Everything is now at your finger-tips, which further drives reuse, leverage and ROI. Moreover advance search and search filters help users to dig out info easily.

    Pending Tasks

    A Quick way to Approve or reject your files pending or see the files in progress. You can also view particulars about the file as to what it is and who is it pending with.
  • Suggestions

    Receive automated custom suggestions according to your interests and your browsing habits on Satori. Be amazed by automatically getting to know other like-minded people or documents that might be of interest to you.


    Get in touch with your followers and followings with Satori Chat. You can also chat with online admins and owners in any community or workspace. Help is always just a click away with Satori Chat.
  • Activity Streams

    You can easily see the updates of users whom you are following whenever they perform any action like sharing, liking, replying a Buzz, Blotes, Q&A, Events and Meetings.


    Community is the heart of Satori application. This is where you can mange your repositories, folders and documents. Access permissions can be managed from the community down to the folder/document level.
  • Share Documents

    Upload, download & share your documents with greater ease. Control access to your files & manage content in an organized manner. Role-based access permissions allow you to easily manage who can do what on your document.

    Custom Lists

    Create customized forms to collect any type of data and automatically generate forms or reports; User can add and edit items once invited in to list.
  • Surveys

    Create your own surveys, invite others to fill them, gather the information that you need and finally view and download reports and charts. These are similar to custom lists but is time-ended.


    Time tracking app to track the time spent on your tasks in a project. View the status of tasks in an interactive and gamified manner.
  • Wiki

    Create your own Wiki pages that are very flexible and easily enable you to collaborate and participate, re-use and create customized pages.


    Learn anytime and anywhere, Create Chapters, Quiz’s, lessons etc which have been customized keeping enterprise e-learning concept as a base.